Space Out. Write. Repeat.

You can write a book. A little bit each day adds up to a lot.

Tip 1

The truth is Bill spends a lot more time watching Netflix than he does reading or writing.

As a professional, he's learned to call this "research." If you want to write a book, never be afraid of "research."

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Tip 2

But . . . if you want to write a book then, at some point, you're going to have to write a book. There's no way around this. Bill has searched for an alternate method. And searched and searched.

The good news here is that "writing a book" includes a lot of staring out a window. The professionals refer to this as "thinking" but it's pretty much the opposite of that. It's "not thinking." Bill gets some of his best ideas when he's "not thinking."

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Tip 3

After you've read a couple of Bill's books you may feel absolutely certain you could write something far, far better than them. Bill is humbled, and honored, to have played a role in inspiring you.

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Tip 4

Never hesitate to tip your writer. You can send money or a check made out to "Cash." This cuts down on the workload of our civil servants at the Internal Revenue Service. Do it for America.

No. Wait. Better still. You could read one of Bill's books and tell a friend, "Hey, this wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." High praise indeed.

you really should.

Book Features

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Of anything bad for you. Really. If you knew how good his books were for you, my!, you'd be annoyed.

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Fully Responsive

You send Bill an e-mail and he'll do his best not to accidentally delete it. And he'll answer it. (If all goes well.)


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