Bill Stuff & Contact

Probably too much stuff.

Less-Than-Fun Facts But They're All We Have

Bill has had some three dozen books published. He's not exactly sure how many. Yes, he could go back and count them but -- and here's a fun fact -- he doesn't want to. And besides, for some books he was a co-author. Do two co-authored books equal the same as one one-authored book? And what about anthologies? He didn't write all the poems in them but each has included more than a couple of his. (For example, one that begins "Little Molly Peters stuck her finger up her nose."Eat your heart out, Dante.)

  • Bill has received national and international awards for his writing but never a trophy. He would like one on his desk to keep M&Ms in. (In which to keep M&Ms. In.) He may stop by Goodwill and pick one up.
  • In his senior year of high school he was editor of the annual. (Huzzah for the Levite.)
  • Bill really thinks you can write a book. Yes, you. Yes. You.
  • There are only three interesting things to say about Bill so this fourth point is pretty much pointless.

So, how about a Q. & A.?

A. Assuming that was a Q., sure.

Q. Did Bill always want to be a writer?

A. No way! He didn't like reading books when he was a kid. He didn't dislike it, it was just far down on his list of fun things to do. (There's a bio here.)

Q. Did Bill write the poem, Mrs. Stein, the one about a substitute teacher?

A. He did. It's been a big hit on the grade-schoool speech-tournament circuit.

Q. If I have a question about writing, can I ask Bill?

A. Sure, that's fine. His e-mail address is BillDodds -- and then throw in that @ sign that's all the rage now -- (Kind of an egotistical address if you ask me.)

Q. Who are you?

A. Who is anyone . . . really?

Q. I think Bill Dodds wrote all the copy for this website.

A. No, I . . . he didn't. And that wasn't a question.

Q. Does Bill blog?

A. In theory.

Q. Facebook?

A. Kind of.

Q. Does Bill only write books and poems?

A. Those and articles and columns. In 2005 he and his late wife, Monica, began the Friends of St. John the Caregiver. You can read about it here. And about her here.